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Dec. 2nd, 2006 | 08:42 am

i had to call 911 last night, i thought it was kinda funny, i've never called 911 before. i was leaving matt's last night and there were drunk people stuck in the elevator between the 7th and 8th floor. they tried using the emergency elevator phone, but couldn't hear anythign, so they told me the phone number on the outside of the phone, and the operator at he elevator company kept saying to me.."i can't hear you call back" so then i looked through the phone book trying to find the fire and rescue number... but all there was was 911. so they patched me through to fire and rescue and i had to go down to let teh firefighters in the apt building. it was kinda funny cause they pulled up with they sirens blaring, lights flashing... adn then lkek 6 guys pile out and come inside... how many fire fighters does it take to open and elevator door? i'm not sure cause i went home... but it would seem 6 :P

Christmas party tonight... yay

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Nov. 22nd, 2006 | 07:24 pm
mood: excited excited

Well, it's offical. i'm moving out finally. yup... in february.. a good friend from high school rents a house close to my work and her roommate is getting married and moving out. i'm finaly making the step to complete independance. i hope i can still save money to go on vacation next year. i had just an awesome trip in october,i can't wait for my next one. and i hope i don't miss my kitty too much. i know he's my baby, but it's getting to the point where i can't plan my life around him, and just stay living with my parents because of my kitty. i just worry he'll get too lonely without me around. i'm the only one he'll let pick him up and cuddle him for a while, and i know he likes it. i think it's cuz i have a big chest and he just sits on it like a pillow. When i go stay at matts or when i go away, he won't sleep in my room or even go in it. he sits in his bed at the top of the stairs, waiting for me to come home, and then when i do, he comes to bed with me. awwwwwww i've got a few months to get used to leaving him behind.

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Nov. 21st, 2006 | 10:20 pm

WOW... i just tuned into the American Music Awards just in time to watch some band totally BUTCHER "life is a highway" by tom cochrane. who are these guys? they're awful, the lead singer has a whiney anoying voice, and there no raw energy like tom cochranes original of it. holy crap. i wonder if people even know it's a remake... maybe it was only big in Canada. i have no idea, that was a loooong time ago.

so i'm feeling 100% better. i woke up sunday and all was right... just had to get my hormoes/cycle back to normal. ugh, i'm never doing that again... i kind of had to though, i was gonna get my period for most of my vacation... that would've put a damper on disneyland. NO MORE!! (yeah, i say that now, until my period is about to come in the middle of my next vacation, or something)

man! i just found out what that band was, it was rascal flats. i think i've heard of them before... just from hearing that one song, my opinion is that they should break up, that or just leave kick ass classic songs alone.

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(no subject)

Nov. 17th, 2006 | 11:15 pm
mood: apathetic apathetic

I've been feeling pretty emotional this week.. and really just down... i can feel myself slipping into depression. But i'm not too worried about it.. i know it's cause of the pill. i had to double up on it.. i was going to get my period while i was in disneyland, so instead of taking the week off, i just started a new pack. i'd forgotten that i told myself i'd never do that again. last time i was full of rage though. i'm so packed full of hormones at the moment, it really screws with me. so this time it's depression, but not my normal kind, i'd call it the more serious kind, but it's not so much. sure i get seasonal depression after a while when the winter kicks in. but it mostly intails me getting upset and down on myself, being contatnly tired and picking stupid fights with matt and pissing him off endlessly.

nope, not with this one... this is what i had 4 years ago, before i met matt. this is the one where i'm just wiped out and can think of nothing i'd rather do than sleep the day away. but it's like i dunno... when i think about sleeping it's like a cloud... all fluffy and nice and welcoming. and all i have to do is give into the cloud and it will make me happy, so the sleep is soo nice. last time iti happened i shut myself off from my friends (yeah, not so healthy, but no-one questioned it)and spent all my time sleeping... whole weekends sleeping. till one day i just woke up and thought alright, enough of that, lets go be social again. so i went out and met matt a few weeks later. it's a calmer depression than the seasonal one, cause i always feel i can come out of it whenever i truly want to, so i don't stress, i just let it happen

so i'll just give into the cloud again... i know it's only induced by theses stupid hormones... and i can't become a shut in again, cause matts around and he wouldn't let me be so silly. I've felt like this all week... i've been waiting till sunday, finally a day off. matt and i are going for dim sum in the morning with em and jason... then i shall nap the day away... i'm not even going to bother fooling myself into thinking i'm going to go to soccer practice that night... cause i'm not.... it's gonna be a major cramps day i know....

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D i s n e y l a n d ! !

Nov. 3rd, 2006 | 10:05 pm
music: remember me - blue boy

WOW, so everything about my trip was awesome. the longest we waited to get on a ride was 30 min, it was mostly a 5-15 min wait... i got to do some shopping on rodeo drive... i LOVE venice beach... that's a place i could go rent a place for a month with friends and hang out at... close enough to rent a car and drive to hollywood. the hollywood walk of star at mann's chinease theatre is over-rated in my opinion. the coolest part about it was a store i went into and bought headbands from. matthew basically bought a whole new wardrobe at the dickies outlet and had to buy a new suitcase to get it home. haha the irony... i hardly did any shopping... i fit everything in my suitcase. matt was so reluctant to go to disneyland, i've been trying to get him to go for a few years... and he LOVED it... he was thankful to me for getting him to go. we had so much fun... i got back and it all felt like it had been a dream, i had sensory overload... we did so much in 8 days.. i'm processing it now... we totally got our money's worth on this trip. Although as much as he loved it, matt said once was enough for a disneyland trip. i loved seeing palm trees everywhere i looked.. the weather was perfect, matt even got a sunburn. i may add bits about it here and there for memories.. this was my best vacation to date...

stupid magoo!! stupid call!! that was a fair and square goal!! and that was goalie interferrence in the first half.... the oilers just got robbed..grrrr

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m i g h t y d u c k s 3

Oct. 23rd, 2006 | 09:41 am
mood: excited excited

HAHA... the might ducks 3 is in tv. this is hilarious to me. at an oilers game last week hemsky did this crazy kind of twirl with the puck around 2 defenceman and it was awesome... i was like wow i havne't seen a spinaroo like that since mighty ducks 3 when the figure skater they got on the team did a axle... and then i turned on the tv right to that point in the movie... other than the fact that the anahem ducks, formerly the anaheim mighty ducks, are gonna be a big rival to the oilers....they're my 2nd favortie team... abeit mostly due to the point they were created after the movie, which is such a funny reason to create a major sports team... one day, oh yeah one day... the ducks will do the "flying V". :P and life will be complete.. haha

less than 24 hrs till disneyland!!! oilers VS ducks in 2 days!!!

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E E E K !

Oct. 21st, 2006 | 11:54 pm
mood: chipper chipper

wow... check this out.

check out all the "productions" this is going on at universal studios while we're there.... $50.00 for all of them..

Matthew and i can't decide if we should go.... getting chased down a street by zombies might be pretty intense. cause it's universal studios, so you know it's gonna be pretty darn realistic. and i've got an irrational zombiebephobia. and am just an all around scaredy-cat... it's be an experience though. matt said maybe it would help me get over my fear is i actually experience it, haha... i always worry when i leave matts apt, when i come down in the elevator that the doors will open to a lobby of zombies and they'll get me, just like in Romero's original dawn of the dead.

2 days till disneyland

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oh k-fed how you amuse me

Oct. 16th, 2006 | 09:41 pm
mood: amused amused

matt was just switching channels in-between periods of the hockey game and k-fed was on WWF RAW. haha... some big army wrestler guy body slammed him.. and the announcers were like you can't do that! that's kevin federline! that's brittany sprears' husband! haha.. k-fed... why are you such a scrub... and so funny... cause you think you are so cool... mr csi... too cool for school.. the best rapper in the world man... :PPPPP

1 week till disneyland!

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Oct. 12th, 2006 | 11:21 pm

wow, i'm up to date with my Entourage watching, thanks to mark downloading them... but when i heard CTV was gonna start playing it i had to tune in. i just didn't believe it... they've got some pretty bad language etc... for CTV to be playing it. i wasn't quite sure how that'd work cause there's just too much stuff to censor... there'd be no point in even playing the show. So i tuned in a bit tonight.. no censoring at all. SO funny.. i LOVE entourage, and anyone who hasn't seen it should start watching it, and since ctv is starting the series from the begining.... it's perfect....

shelly belly was in town! but i didn't hear my phone wednesday when she was calling to go out and do some dancy dancy.. aw shucks...

1 1/2 weeks till disneyland!!

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i want a zombie, i want a girl, i want a zombie girl

Oct. 2nd, 2006 | 10:03 pm
mood: content content

yay!! Jen-nay came home for the weekend, completely out of the blue.... it was fun!

Nic + goth night at new city = ?
i find it interesting to observe other scenes... they all seem to have the same stereotypes though... i had good introspective time... last time we went to goth night for jen-nays going away party the music was better, they played alot of electro-breaky beats... this time the music was not as good... i did get very drunk however and at the end of the night they played sex bomb by tom jones (ha ha i know, how goth is that) and i danced like a fool... it was fun though. and wow jen-nay gave me some chinease herbal pills that she learnt about in school. they are the chinease "hang over cure" man.... i did everything to give myself a hangover...i always get so sick adn want to die after a night of drinking and i was absolutely fine....those things are awesome! you really need to send me some! anyway... pickies!!

wow, i thought i was pale (even though i did go tanning this week) but compared to jen-nay... geees, she lookes like a sheet of paper ;P haha ^nudge nudge^

anyway... it was cool you were able to come back... there wasn't much time to do alot... but if you can come for 2 weeks at Christmas it'll be great .... btw i never said pandoar wasnt made a vampire because of her arms.. all i said was that she was hot. :PPPPPP

3 weeks till disneyland!!!!!!!

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Sep. 14th, 2006 | 10:44 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful


i heard about these from sonic ( http://www.radiosonic.fm/ )(the best radio station on the planet) Garner Andrews is hilarious..

i got the breakroom cube, the IT cube, the Bob cube, and the Ann cube for matthew, cause he works in a cube... the guy in teh breakroom looks like matthew.. and he kinda shares an area with a lady so hence the ann cube...

I didn't tell him about the cubes.... i'm just going to leave them randomly in his room one bye one(week by week) and he can take them to work and set up in his cube... i think it'll be hilarious to find random cube in your room.... that's just me though, if it takes off an he likes them, i'll get the zombie cubes too..

on that note, i find this to be a funny site.... http://www.mcphee.com/ bacon and egg bandaids... awesome... if their shipping wasn't stupid i'd get a bunch of stuff... i found farting salt and pepper shakers on ebay, i think i'm gonna get them for thanksgiving dinner...

why do i find farting and poo so funny?

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Aug. 16th, 2006 | 06:02 pm
mood: excited excited

WOW!!!!! d i s n e y l a n d!!! here i come!!!

i never thought i'd ever get to end up going to disneyland... anytime i've mentioned it to matt he's like no, it's way too expensive.... blah blah, he just didn't wanna go. so then when vegas fell though and he said he'd go somewhere with me. preferably an all-inclusive mexico dooda. spending a week on a beach is't my thing, maybe a day. but i wanna go on vacation and do stuff. i'm not into water sports... he said if i could do disney for $1100 he'd think about it.
well for $1200 i got
hotel -8nights
4 day pass to disneyland
1 day universal studios
bus to san diego and pass to seaworld (YES YES YES YES YES!!)bus back
we're gonna go to the mighty ducks vs edmonton oilers... wooo we're gonna get center ice and matts gonna have a sign "i came all the way from edmonton to boo chris pronger" Ha HA HA

i booked the plane tickets with some of my credit today, tomorrow i'm gonna go see the travel agent and book everything else.

we're gonna be at disneyland for halloween.... the agent told me disneyland goes all out for halloween....

wow.. i still have stupid credit at westjet.... blah... but i'm super excited....and matt is too!! which makes it better... i'd rather he be excited too, we gotta work on getting his passport, you don't need one to go to the US, but i think it'd be safer to have one.

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Aug. 16th, 2006 | 03:55 pm

okay, so no more vegas... a big bummer, but i can't be mad at jennay, things are just beyond her control. .. i called west jet today to cancell the tickets and get my money back, they wont let me... all i can get is credit with them, minus an $80.00 fee. i don't fly...really... at all. it can be transferred to someone else, but i don't know anyone else going anywhere. fuck,i've got $1300 hole on my credti card now.....

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baby panda

Aug. 8th, 2006 | 12:06 pm


haha... so ugly, yet cute, it's nose and face take up it's whole face.

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Aug. 5th, 2006 | 04:56 pm

i went for a long bike ride today. wow, i haven't been for a bike ride since i was like 18 or 19. it felt good. i rode over to jens old house, no wonder the 2 of us were skinny things when we were younger, we rode our bikes or went for walks so much.. usually in hopes of glimpsing our latest crushes. anyway my bike ride took me back to what it was like in jr high... so fun and worry free...

an 18 who came into my work likes me, you know how you can tell... so cute haha.. i'm 7 years older than him. i find it comical cause i think about how strange it would be to goout with an 18 yr old... i wouldn't even know what to say to one.. not that i'm thinking about going out with him... haha... i just find it funny to think about.. i remember being 18, i'm a completely different person now... i used to be so outgoing and flirty, now i'm anti-social.... i wonder what i'll be like in another 7 years... probably just as dorky.

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Aug. 2nd, 2006 | 09:29 pm

man, i'm really frustrated with my soccer team. theres a core or about 8 players out of 17 that consistantly go to practice.. how can we improve if we dont' work together. then we have a crappy season and everyone except for the core players leave and then new players come and the same thing happens. and every season is a rebuilding season, but the new people don't come topractices.. it's a friggin vicious circle. now the best player on the team is over the top frustrated and 99% leaving... along with a bunch of others... i'll stick around for indoor at least.. i've got a loyalty issue.. so i have to stay longer.. can't break down what it is... we've got talented players, it comes down for me, to the coaching, and people coming to practices..

it was a fucking bad indoor season... and we got bumped down form div 1 to div 2.... and it looks like thats going to happen with this indoor season. how would i even begin looing for a new team if i left... i comfortable with this team.. i'm loyal to it... i love soccer... i love it to be simple... i just want to play, i just want my team to come together, i just want to WIN.

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matt the poohead

Jul. 8th, 2006 | 03:37 pm
mood: discontent discontent

matt wants to quit his job.... he's making awesome money, but he hates it, and it's not what he wants to do with his life.. which i get.. it can be hard decided what you wanna do and making it happen. but i've seen him go down this road, he gets bored with jobs easily, and stops going more and more... till he's just stopped workign all together.. then expects me to be around to borrown money form or to buy food for him.. i can't afford to do that. i told him today i won't be doing that for him if he quits. he needs to think about what he wants to do and do something about it.. take a course or something, and keep him job to support him until then. he said his work won't let him go part-time though. it's fulltime or nothign cause he's really good at his job and then want him to be a lifer.

man.. i struggled with the whole career thing too, but i stumbled into something.. its' like it daunts him too much to even look into anything... maybe this is shallow, but i'm 25.. i want to be in a somewhat mature relationship where i don't have to worry that my boyfriend has no job.. and no money.. or worry that one day he'll just get sick of his job and quit with no other prospects.. what if we were married, i couldn't pay all the bills myself.. i really hate that aspect about him.. i wish he'd just grow up and sto avoiding the fact that he is going to have to find a career.. he hates working.. and won't accept the fact that pretty much every normal person HAS to work.. we don't all like it, but it's a necessity.

aahhhhhhh i go through this like every 6-9-12 months with him..

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nothing much

Jul. 4th, 2006 | 08:33 am
mood: bored bored

well, the good 'ole BFF is coming in from victoria for the weekend... should be fun... it's suppossed to rain which kinda sucks since it's been so hot for the past few weeks.. oh well i'm taking friday off to hang out with her, aka recover from the night of drinking. i've gotta get this under control before i go to vegas. when i went to england last summer i drank so much with helen and didn't get sick at all, but lately the next day is aweful.. must stop.. getting .. hungover. i think it's all about drinking what im drinking and how fast i'm drinking it. last thursday matt and mark and myself downed a 40 of crown royal doing shots, i was really drunk but fine the next day. i think it's just all the sugar in pop and coolers that kills me.

i'm not doing too good with the whole not buying stuff. it's been a week and i've still bought a pair of shoes and an hoody. i did get good deals on both of them though... and the shoes will be perfect for going out in vegas...

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cat butts all over the place

Jun. 28th, 2006 | 06:49 pm

so i got this in the mail today...

i love nixon watches.. i never thought i'd be able to get one from the "luxury collection" cause they're 23kt gold plated.. and kinda expensive.. but yay me.. it's hot

and on that note, i'm not able to buy anymore stuff till vegas.... i've gotta save save save, and pay off my m/c bill.

on another note... Jenaaaayyyy.... guess what you can get down the ave somewhere.... catbutt arifreshener.. haha my sister-in-law saw it. in the back of the "guide to cat-butt watching" it said there was catbutt airfreshner and cat-butt gum... but i thought it was just a joke.. must... get.... cat .. BUTT.. airfreshner

i'd love to have some cat-butt gumm too...

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vegas baby

Jun. 20th, 2006 | 08:19 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy

Guess who's going to las vegas.... me!! and sein_brav
aka jenaaaaaaayyy... and shelley belly..

there's this huge optical convention in las vegas every year (vision expo) and we're gonna go, i didn't actually think everythign was gonna work out, but i just booked my ticket 3 nights at the mirage.. and partying in the mirage penthouse suite.. they've got white tigers and dolphins and a volcano there.. i'm super excited...

england tied sweden which isn't a huge loss. matthew got to watch the game he said he was surpised it was one of the best games he's seen in teh world cup so far... he's always bugging me about being british... and said that England was a borign team to watch and they're only about the defence.. but he's actually cheering for them now... ha.. i wore him down....

they're haivng a ceremony for the oilers thursday at city hall at noon. that's so stupid, people are at friggin work then idiots... if they had it in the evening so many people would show up... i'm sure a ton still will... but most importantly not me or matthew cause we are at work... i've decided that raffi torres is my new dreamboat... this was my chance to see him :P

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