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Feb. 27th, 2007 | 09:13 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative

Friday is "move Nicola's dresser" day.... the all i have left to move basically is a hell of alot of clothes, makeup, hair products... i'm not going to have enough room for all my clothes..
The new shopoholic book came from amazon today.. yay! i was suppossed to go watch my soccer game tonight, but it's cold and the oilers are playing, and i'm just going to nerd out with my book instead...
my ACL was getting better, i FINALLY went a whole week without it hurting, till last monday when i screwed it over again... last week was pretty bad at work, i'd reach the point where i literally could not walk anymore, it hurt so much, and i'm no wimp when it comes to sports injuries and pain. i'm actually making myself face the fact that i may not play soccer again!! :(
I think my kitty knows i'm moving away... he seems sad.. no-one to cuddle him before bed, no-one to cuddle him in the morning.. no-one to sleep with at night... i told my mom she's going to have to give him cuddles, but i'm the only one he'll actually let hold him for any amount of time... what a silly old man he is.. i truly worry that i'll move and he'll get sad and mope and get sicker and die. i mean he is 17, which is pretty old in cat life.. but i still want him to live forever...

geeeeees oilers, you're wearing the retro jersey's, it's messier's retierment game.. can't you just pull it together for once and beat phoenix??

PS Jennnnayyyy are you still coming to town?? i'll be the happiest girl if you do!

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