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Feb. 13th, 2007 | 12:23 pm
mood: crappy crappy

Ugh.. i was driving to work, and there was a girl in front of me, and a van in front of her, and he slmmed on his breaks suddenly and turned left, quickly, she slammed on her breaks, i smalled on mine, hit ice, and ran into her. I didn't ram into her, just slowly slid, i didn't even think there would be any damage.... but this is me we're talkig about so of course there was damage. i asked her if she'd wanna settl this outside of insurance. but it's her moms car so she didn't know.i gave her my name and phone number, guess i couldn've been an asshole and given her a fake number, but i can't do that to someone.

i was pretty sure i'd bee introuble to go though insurance cause they have a "first ones free" clause for at-fault collsions which i used up june 2003, when i had my accidnet in BC and that jerk lied and blamed it on me. so i called to check and apparenlty the "first ones free" clause re-sets after 3 yrs of being accident free, so i get break! it's just really important that i don't get invloved in another accident in the next 3 years!!!! it still realllllllllly sucks... i'll have to go make a police report.... i'm still waiting for the girls mom to call so i can tell her i'm gonna go through insurance after all.

PHOOEY.... is this my 2nd in the whoel bad things come in 3's? (my acl injury that has me missing the rest of the indoor season being #1)
Donna says not to think like that she has some book, you can't think negative at all, and that's thinking negative.....

so on the upside, i pre-ordered the new harry potter and the new shopaholic books on amazon.ca
reg price on harry potter will be $45 when it comes out, but by pre-0rdereing it, i got it for $22!! shopaholic and baby was $18! yay for new books, even though i have to wait till the summer for harry, and feb 27 for shopaholic.

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From: luker_laughed
Date: Feb. 14th, 2007 02:51 am (UTC)

You're funny :P
At least you only gazed the car and nothing else. Sucks with the roads right now.

Nothing else will happen. It'll all be okies.

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